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Colour Magnet Sheets (30pcs)

Product Details :
  • The X&O Fine Colour Magnet Sheet act like magnets and gather loose colour from the water ensuring utmost protection from the bleeding colours and soiling. The evidence is on the sheet.

  • The Colour Magnet Sheets help you save Time, Money and Water by allowing you to wash White, Light and Dark Coloured clothes in the same load.

  • These sheets work in all types of washing machine, and in all water temperatures.

  • Each pack contains 30 sheets.

M.R.P :
₹ 170.00
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Step 1

Take one colour magnet sheet and place it at the back of the washing machine drum before your laundry.

Step 2

Now you can add your laundry along with detergent , start the wash cycle as usual.

Step 3

Remove the colour magnet sheet and see the evidence on it. You just saved your laundry from bleeding colours.Now you have your laundry looking all fresh and new.


  • Do not use in depending drawer in front loader or high efficiency machines.

  • Do not eat. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Avoid contact with eyes.

  • Handle with dry hands

  • Store in cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight

Reviews (1)

29 August 2018
Micheal, Mumbai

Best Product, Everyone should try once, Mumbai

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